Drawing of V&T Locomotive No. 26 on a bridgef by Richard (Dick) C. Datin from the Stephen Drew Collection. All rights reserved.

Drawing by Richard C. Datin from the Stephen Drew Collection.

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DECEMBER 6, 1874

Daily Territorial Enterprise


Trouble of a Traveler. .- On the evening before last a man who was somewhat the worse for the libations he had poured to the rosy god, by some means got on the cow-catcher of an engine, and came riding into the round-house much to the astonishment of the men employed there. "Hello, old fellow: what are you doing there?" said one of the men. "What am I doin' here? Why I'm goin' to go Winnemucker on this thing, or bust." "You are very likely to bust, then," said one of the workmen, "for this engine will remain here to-night." "Remain here. Where is here? Ain't this a depot?" "No, it's the round-house. You ain't out of Virginia yet" "Blast your bloody round-houses! How am I going to Winnemucker at this rate?" The men told him to go back up town to the depot and look out for the locomotive Reno, which would take him to Winnemucca direct. He left and in passing up the road saw an engine run out on the Chollar sidetrack for the purpose of letting a train go by. He watched his chance, and going to the side-track got on the cow-catcher of the engine standing there. This engine as it happened, was also off duty for the night and was on its way to the round-house. When the engine came rolling into the round-house there was great merriment among the employes on finding their Winnemucca traveler on the cow-catcher. "Well were are we now? said he to those who approached him. "You are in the round-house again - just where you started from half an hour ago," said one of the men. "The h--l I am!" cried the traveler. "Why I thought that by this time I was 'way long out about Wadsworth! Sich a railroad as this 'ere bloody Virginia and Truckee I never did see. The trains jist git out and run round and round the hills till they git out of steam and then they all goes back to the d--d round-house!" The fellow finally got down off the cow-catcher and started back to town grumbling and swearing about a bloody railroad whose trains all brought up in a round-house.


All is again running smoothly on the Virginia and Truckee Railroad.


Freight Receipts. - The following amounts of freight were received at the Gold Hill and Virginia depots of the Virginia and Truckee Railroad during the twenty-four hours ending at 12 M. yesterday: Wood, 32 car loads; lumber, 39; merchandise, 8; coal, 1; machinery, 1; lime, 1; grain, 1; flour, 2; fruit, 1; iron, 7 - total, 93 car loads.


Train Delayed. - The Reno express train was two hours behind time yesterday morning [rest missing]